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Fracking in Colombia?

Battles against fracking are being fought across the globe. In some places – like Ireland and a handful of other European countries – these movements are having some success in halting the damaging industry. In others, like the USA, it has been fully embraced. In Latin America it is already well developed in Argentina, where the massive Vaca Muerta shale play has become a key element of Argentina’s energy policy. In other countries – like Colombia and Bolivia – gas companies are currently trying to establish fracking projects. With weaker regulatory infrastructure and less public oversight in general, such places can be attractive options for companies who are finding it hard to get a foothold in the wealthy democracies of the global North.

As in Europe and elsewhere, communities across Latin America are also gearing themselves up to reject fracking projects on their land, and voicing their concerns about water contamination, loss of land rights, and other social and ecological harms. It is important, given the incredibly high risks that Latin American resisters face when they confront the extractive industries, that anti-fracking activists in other parts of the world inform themselves about what is happening and look for ways to work in solidarity.

In the community of San Martín Cesar in Colombia US corporation ConocoPhillips is using the same tactics of manipulation, disinformation and division that have been seen the world over when people stand up to fracking companies. This collection brings together materials which were gathered on a visit to San Martín in late 2017. We will continue to follow this case and you can find updates on this page.

Materials on Fracking in Colombia?