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The Dammed of the Earth

The Deadly Impact of Mega Hydroelectric Projects in Latin America.

Based on the article by Philippa de Boissière and Sian Cowman in Foreign Policy in Focus and others.

These mega-projects expropriate land, spoil environments, and pollute democracies. Berta Cáceres, a world-renowned environmental activist, gave her life resisting them.

Berta Isabel Zúñiga Cáceres at a vigil for her late mother, Honduran activist Berta Cáceres who was assasinated for resisting a megadam in her region. Photo by Daniel Cima / License: CC BY

Listen to the authors talking about the background to Berta’s assassination, and the human rights, climate, and even spiritual impacts of the regional-wide expansion of big hydropower. Lastly, they give clues to the routes of continued resistance and international solidarity.

The Dammed of the Earth
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