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Structure of a Movement

View in full at NEON

One of a trove of great movement-building resources from the New Economy Organisers Network

This is a visualization tool on how movements work from the New Economy Organisers Network (NEON) in the UK. It asks the following questions about how the roots of movements function:

1.Common values and principles: what guiding principles do we use to align our different struggles and ensure that we’re meaningfully tackling the root causes of the issues on which we work not just symptoms?

2. Unifying narrative: what story gives us the courage to transform society together?

3.Shared strategy: as a movement, of all the fights that we could pick, where should we be focusing our energy right now to make the most impact given the current context?

4. Active Liberation: we will only have a just movement capable of winning if we look like the society we’re trying to build – how are we cantering the voices of those most marginalised?

5. Strong leaders: if leadership means empowering others, how well are our movements doing at this?

6. Capacity: how do we build the resources we need as a movement needed to take on the fights needed from people to money or institutions?

This is just one of a host of Resources from NEON, which include a power and privilege guide, the Lumen open source group discussion platform, a systemic campaigns framework, and reading lists on things like leadership and neoliberalism.

Structure of a Movement
View in full at NEON