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How Things Change: The Duty to Disobey

View in full at Rising Up!

Video of presentation by Gail Bradbrook on civil disobedience and direct action

Very handy talk from Gail Bradbrook of UK direct action network Rising Up! referencing lots of tools, theories, books, ways of thinking and practical approaches to making change through civil disobedience and direct action.

“Being ready for when a moment happens, when people are awake. Can we capitalise on that?”

“The trade unions movement is the start of that – I’ll strike if you’ll strike – and when people know that there’s solidarity there and they dare do it and it’s worth taking that action, that’s what has underpinned social change in this country, that conditional commitment…

…Your right to roam in national parks came from mass trespass in Kinder Scout, both in the Thirties and in the Nineties

…Your vote came from the Chartists and the Suffragettes

…The prevention of genetic modification in the UK was people that went and pulled up the crops

…Indian independence – the Salt Tax, satyagraha, that Ghandi led

…American independence: you’ve heard of the Boston Tea Party

…The whole civil rights movement in America was about breaking unjust laws”

Find out more and pledge to act on the Rising Up! Website. You might also want to check out the Radical Thinktank which Gail mentions.

For more on direct action, the US-based Ruckus Society have been a source of information and inspiration on taking direct action for over 20 years. Here they run down The Functions of Direct Action within the context of campaigns.

How Things Change: The Duty to Disobey
View in full at Rising Up!