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BHP: Fine Words, Foul Play

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Briefing prepared by London Mining Network ahead of BHP's 2020 AGM as part of efforts to draw attention to the gulf between BHP's self-image as a 'responsible miner' and the impacts that communities living near its operations are enduring.

Originally published by London Mining Network, of which TerraJusta is a member

BHP presents itself, and is often considered by investors, as the very model of a modern mining company. Not only does it present itself as socially and  environmentally responsible but now as indispensable in the efforts to save the world from climate catastrophe. Given the impacts and potential impacts of its Australian operations on Aboriginal sites and the furore over Rio Tinto’s destruction of the Juukan Gorge site earlier this year, perhaps BHP will begin to tread more carefully.

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Unmasking BHP
It certainly needs to. This briefing summarises concerns around current and planned operations in which BHP is involved in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru and the USA. LMN and our member groups work with communities or partner organisations in these five countries. Concerns include ecological and social impacts, violation of indigenous rights, mining waste disposal and the financing of cleanup. Other matters of current concern are briefly noted.

At the end of the briefing are reports on three legacy cases in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Colombia where BHP pulled out, leaving others to deal with the environmental destruction and social dislocation caused by its operations.

LMN exists to work in solidarity with communities harmed by companies linked to London, including BHP, the world’s largest mining corporation. This briefing is intended to encourage those who finance the company to use that finance to force change, and members of the public to join us in support of communities in the frontline of the struggle to defend their rights and the integrity of the planet’s ecosystems.

BHP: Fine Words, Foul Play
Download report