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TerraJusta and Data Privacy

As an organization with an online presence and a public audience we acknowledge the current concerns around data use and privacy. In an effort to be transparent and responsible we are using this space to clarify what data we hold on those who follow our work and how we use it.

Data and what we do with it

The only personal data we hold is on our Newsletter subscribers. Our newsletter goes out roughly 4-6 times a year. The only information we are now asking from new subscribers is the email address to which we send the Newsletter. Our web plugin for sending the Newsletter also holds the IP address of new subscribers in order to function correctly. We hold this information securely until someone unsubscribes.

Our Newsletter is compiled and sent via a plugin on this WordPress site. In other words, there is no use of an external mailing service or any storage of data external to our website. All data is stored by our hosting service Siteground (you can find out more about Siteground and GDPR regulations here).

Our Google Analytics service saves IP addresses but in an anonymized format meaning that visitors to our website cannot be identified from the information.

Our digital campaigning is not as sophisticated, flashy and ‘integrated’ as some other organizations – and this is partly due to our reluctance to engage with digital tools which rely on data collection and sharing between apps to function.

We will never share your data with any other organizations, companies or individuals.

You have a right to find out what information we hold on you, and of course to request a copy of it and/or ask us to delete it. Feel free to write to us at any time on