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Follow the work of The Democracy Center

About the current work of The Democracy Center - former organisational home of the TerraJusta team

TerraJusta launched in May 2020 having evolved over several years out of the work of The Democracy Center (read more about that here)

Since its founding nearly thirty years ago, The Democracy Center has been dedicated to a single mission: To support activists around the world who are fighting for social justice and a healthy planet. We have served that mission by training activists in the art of advocacy, leading winning campaigns at the local to the global level, and through our award-winning writing.

The Democracy Center worked out of Bolivia for nearly two decades. Now based once again in the U.S., it continues its work from there. The Center has joined in some of the most important political battles of the moment. That includes supporting activism in the heart of Trump Land, strengthening the work of local immigrant rights groups, digging into the challenge of community resistance to clean energy projects, and working closely with civil liberties advocates on the invasion of spy surveillance into public schools. Later in 2020 The Democracy Center will launch a new Strategic Advocacy Project, in both the U.S. and abroad, with materials, workshops, and other support to help activists develop campaigns and efforts with the best chance possible of making a real difference. The Center also continues to work with UNICEF teams around the world, on issues including the rights of migrant children in Mexico to fighting air pollution in Indonesia.

You can find The Democracy Center website at, and also follow its work on YouTube.