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Vision & Mission


TerraJusta is a nonprofit organisation whose name is inspired by the anti-colonial utopia of the Guaraní people, in a “search for land without evil”. We are committed to socio-environmental struggles deployed from the territories of the global South, against capitalist corporate power, and for the construction of a world founded on respectful relationships between human beings and with nature and its regenerative cycles. Such a world is only possible within the framework of a non-capitalist, non-colonial, non-patriarchal society.


TerraJusta accompanies socio-environmental struggles in the territories of the global South, constructing genuine and lasting bridges between local organizations and regional networks on the Latin American continent, and in the global North, to achieve authentic and committed international solidarity against capitalist corporate power and in the construction of alternatives.

Areas of work

COMMUNICATIONS: Facilitate the publication and (co)production of bilingual audiovisual and written materials and resources on the struggles of grassroots organisations (peasant, indigenous or popular) against extractive capitalist corporate power in the different territories of the global South (Latin America); helping to make visible (make intelligible) their struggles at the international level.

INTERNATIONAL CAMPAIGNS: Weave strategic alliances between organisations and communities affected by extractive projects in Latin America (or through local allies), with networks from the region and Europe, the United States and Canada – targeting the “centres” of power of transnational companies located in the global North, so that they assume their responsibility in the face of the social, economic and environmental injustices that they generate.

RESEARCH: Develop activist/radical research (using action/participatory methodologies) that contributes to the understanding of the struggles and the generation of “alternatives” or “responses” demanded by communities and peasant, indigenous or popular grassroots organizations, in the face of the presence of extractive activities in their territories.

TRAINING: Generate discussion spaces on socio-environmental problems and develop training/training processes under the modality of “popular education” (Paulo Freire: education at the service of liberation), aimed at grassroots social organizations, as scheduled by themselves or at the proposal of TerraJusta.